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Cairo is the largest city in the Arab world and also one of the most interesting and dynamic ones. With a history and heritage going back to one of the pivotal civilizations in the world, the Egyptian Civilization, Cairo is the hub of culture and politics not just for Egypt but for the region as a whole. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and built on the banks of the river Nile in an area which has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations through the centuries. This has resulted in the integration of ancient, medieval, and modern traits into all aspects of life here. This makes Cairo a unique place to experience. The main attractions in Cairo are primarily the various historical landmarks that dot the area from ancient to more recent times. Perhaps the most famous of all the monuments and landmarks are the Pyramids of Giza located within the city limits in Cairo. There are multiple museums within the city, with the Museum of Cairo being the largest of them displaying artefacts belonging to the ancient Egyptian civilization. There are also other attractions such as palaces, historical mosques, mausoleums, citadels and much more and Cairo is also known for its nightlife and various cafes.

Culture of Cairo 

Cairo has a deep and varied culture due to its ancient history and at one point was the crossroad of the Middle-east, Europe, and Africa. Cairo is more progressive and has a lot of western and modern elements. Apart from the ancient sites such as the Pyramids and the Islamic Cairo tours, Cairo also has an opera house and a media production city, Cairo is also known for its nightlife which includes clubs, restaurants and cafes. It has been reported to have the highest night time activities in the world even in comparison to cities like Paris, New York, and London


Cairo has such a unique location offers pleasant climate all the year. She also receives moderate rainfall, sunny summers and gorgeous spring time. In addition to the delightful weather, Cairo is famed for its beautiful beaches, wide streets, old town and shopping offers.
Egypt, in general, has a Moderate climate and thus tends to have very sunny summers. The temperatures in the summer months range from 30 to 35°C on an average. The minimums at this time stay at around 22 to 24°C on an average. Spring time is the best time to visit Cairo speaking from a weather perspective as the average highs measure 19 to 24°C, and lows are around 14 - 18°C. Cairo doesn't receive much rainfall.

The conference will be conducted in English. In Egypt, the standard Arabic language is used, while English is a mandatory subject in public schools and is widely spoken and understood in business and tourist areas. Spoken and written Arabic is largely comprehensible to casual visitors although the version is Egyptian Arabic. This is the most commonly spoken language in the city... However, English is widely understood, particularly in Cairo where it is almost the major commercial language. English and some European languages are spoken in most hotels, shops and restaurants in major tourist destinations, and Arabic-English road and street signs are found nationwide.


the Egyptian currency is The Egyptian Pound". One Egyptian Pound is divided into 100 Piasters. Coins consist of, 50 Piasters, one Egyptian Pound. Banknotes are in 5 (Light Blue), 10 (Purple), 20 (Green), 50 (Red) and 100 (grey) Pound. Currency exchange counters are available at the airport in and out of the arrival hall. Exchange rate at the airport is generally similar to exchange counters in town. The rates may be a bit better than that in hotels.

The time in Cairo is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time UTC/GMT +2 hours

Major credit cards such as American Express, Master and Visa are wildly used and accepted. 3-5 percent additional charge may be applied in some stores. Please check with the stores before using.


-Local Bus
Cairo has an extensive and modern network of buses that ply to all corners of the city. Cairo Transport Authority has many types of buses running. The bigger buses, some of which are air-conditioned, are run by CTA themselves and there’s one of them app-based such as SWVL 

- Cabs
Cairo has a large and varied network of cabs from various companies, including app-based services such as Uber and Careem 

Cairo, being a prominent international city and also a tourist hub, has multiple car rental options, both the chauffeur-driven varieties and the self-driven ones. Some of the known companies are Egypt Car, Europe car Zamalek, Smart Car and London Cab

Cairo has an extensive metro network and which was one of the first mass rapid transit systems in Africa as well as the Arab world. It currently has three lines crisscrossing the length and breadth of Cairo, 

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